We’re More Than Pie!

Crust is what makes a pie.  But the filling is important too.  We gather local fruit and nuts in season.   Whole Pies are made fresh when you call to place your order.

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Come for Carry Out

Chicken and Dumplings is a customer favorite and often available by the quart to take home.

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Whole Pies are made fresh to order.

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Comfort Food with Local Roots

Availability, creativity and invention are what we use to develop our menu. The same skills our ancestors used to feed themselves and their families.  Growing up as children of parents raised during the Great Depression and Word War II we made due and lived on a tight budget.  We ate things grown in our own garden, made jam and jelly, gave gifts made with our own hands.  Things that are trending now were just how we lived.

We were honored to be included in the Rural Missourian’s Out of the Way Eats in September of 2013.  Reviews in local newspapers and state magazines have brought us many new visitors.

Our building, the original Bank of Pocahontas, MO opened in 1910 and has served many purposes since it’s closing in 1938. These include a draft office during WWII, an insurance office even an apartment with a bedroom in the bank vault.

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Visit us Saturday 9:00 – 2:00.  Whole Pies should be ordered by phone to ensure you get your favorite flavor.

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